Mobile Shopping EU 2018

January 30-February 01, 2018

Hilton London Bankside

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Main Day Two: 1st February

8:00 AM - 8:50 AM Registration and Networking

8:50 AM - 9:00 AM Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Chair: Chris Field, CEO, Retail Connections

Chris Field, CEO, Retail Connections

Chris Field

Retail Connections

Supporting your Brand Strategy with Mobile

9:00 AM - 9:20 AM Board level Keynote: Achieving accurate cross-channel attribution: How to leverage customer metrics from digital and physical channels to develop an effective omnichannel roadmap for your business

Dr Geraint Evans, Group Head of Commercial and Strategic Programmes, ODEON & UCI Cinemas
  • How to move from being device-centric to customer-centric to determine breaks in your attribution model and gain real insights into how your customers move between your digital channels
  • Tracking online to offline activity: How can you successfully track customers across your digital and physical channels to attribute product sales to the correct customer touch point?
  • Running split tests for a true view of digital: How to effectively evaluate revenue generation from your app and mobile site to pinpoint and improve key drop off areas
  • How can implementing a holistic cross-device attribution model help you understand the value of each digital platform you own?
  • Attributing ROI to your payment offerings: How can you link your payment offerings to consumer conversion rates to optimise your payment process on every customer channel?


Dr Geraint Evans

Group Head of Commercial and Strategic Programmes
ODEON & UCI Cinemas

9:20 AM - 9:40 AM Morning Interview: Mastering mobile marketing: How are top brands leveraging the 24/7 mobile shop window to educate, inform and drive consumers in-store?

Chris Field, CEO, Retail Connections John Connelly, Senior Manager, Digital & eCommerce, Coca Cola
  • How to successfully position mobile at the forefront of your customer acquisition and engagement strategy to reach a wider audience for your product range
  • How can you drive product discovery out to new target audiences by designing marketing campaigns for personal devices?
  • Tailoring customer communication: How can you create great content for mobile that is engaging and easily accessible to influence customer’s buying decisions?
  • How to utilise mobile as an additional sales channel to effectively execute brand promotions and drive customers into stores that stock your products
  • How can you leverage digital marketing to directly speak to customers and reduce your brand’s reliance on store partners to promote your products on the shop floor?


John Connelly

Senior Manager, Digital & eCommerce
Coca Cola

Chris Field

Retail Connections

9:40 AM - 10:05 AM Innovation Keynote: Building a winning digital road-map: How can you optimise your online presence to boost discoverability and maximise your app downloads

Mario Viviani, Technology Evangelist, Amazon

Mario Viviani

Technology Evangelist

10:05 AM - 10:25 AM Fireside Chat: Creating engaging localised experiences for your global customer base: How to transform your mobile UX to provide the ultimate digital experience for your cross-channel and cross-border customers

Chris Field, CEO, Retail Connections Jason Pantelis, Product Manager, Virgin Media
  • Expanding your international mCommerce business: How can you successfully break into new customer territories with localised customer communication whilst retaining your global brand messaging?
  • Identifying cross-border opportunities: How to roll out a seamless global strategy for mobile that integrates into the business with ease and accelerates the day to day online trading
  • Scaling from local to global: How can you localise your brand offering in each market you are present in whilst remaining aligned with your wider global strategy?
  • Providing preferred payment methods: How can you ensure that you are providing the range of payment options that your pan-national consumers expect?
  • How to meet the local market requirements for payments when expanding your digital presence without compromising your mCommerce customer experience
  • Optimising UX for every market: How can you develop your in-house technology stack to best support your digital growth and improve localisation across multiple markets?


Jason Pantelis

Product Manager
Virgin Media

Chris Field

Retail Connections

10:25 AM - 10:45 AM Inspirational Guest Speaker: Taking an emotional approach to customer engagement: How to tap into the psyche of your customers to boost brand loyalty and catapult conversion rates across your digital channels

Dr Simon Moore, Chartered Psychologist and CEO, Innovation Bubble
  • Exploring emotional shopping: How to evoke real emotions with customer communication on mobile to build real and lasting relationships with your shoppers
  • How can you gain a better insight into the mind-set of your consumers, to provide a natural and seamless mobile experience that fits into their lifestyle?
  • What approaches can you take to better understand user behaviour and customer needs on mobile to provide an unrivalled shopping experience?
  • How can you best identify and respond to changes in your customer’s behaviour on digital platforms to increase customer engagement?
  • Creating customer-centric channels: How to keep your customer’s needs and behaviours front of mind during the design and maintenance of mobile to forge stronger relationships with your top shoppers

Dr Simon Moore

Chartered Psychologist and CEO
Innovation Bubble

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM Morning Coffee Break and Networking

Streamlining Customer Service to Better Monetise Mobile

Track A - Increasing Conversation on Mobile

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM Case Study Interactive: Exploring machine learning fuelled SEO: How to implement machine learning to boost your online presence and boost digital conversion rates

Omi Sido, Senior Technical SEO, Canon Europe
  • Exploring the new model for SEO ranking.
  • Applying consumer psychology: How can you get to know your shoppers better to build a strategy around your customer profiles and the context that they are shopping in?
  • How can you harness relevancy as the new SEO currency?
  • Going back to basics: How can you best approach the drawing board when creating advanced SEO capabilities for your brand?


Omi Sido

Senior Technical SEO
Canon Europe

Track A - Increasing Conversation on Mobile

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Case Study Interactive: Providing a truly seamless payment process: How can you rapidly increase conversion rates and decrease transaction abandonment on mobile?

  • How do you effectively shift your loyalty scheme onto customer devices to encourage sales on mobile?
  • Creating a more loyal and consistently engaged customer base: How can you integrate relevant offers into your mobile app experience for greater customer fulfilment and further strengthen the tie to your brand?
  • How can you utilise data from consumer shopping history to determine what the customer wants and provide relevant product offers to loyal customers on mobile?
  • Native apps, the online hub for loyal shoppers: How can you develop loyalty apps for your top shoppers to better serve your true brand advocates?
  • How can app based loyalty schemes help drive in-store sales?
  • How can you directly link mobile loyalty schemes to online checkout to incentivise transactions on mobile?

Track B - Succeeding in Simple and Seamless UX

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM Case Study Interactive: How to employ consumer psychology to transform your mobile UX

Track B - Succeeding in Simple and Seamless UX

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Case Study Interactive: How to can you keep up to date with changing customer behaviours to deliver engaging customer journeys on mobile and secure buy-in for future digital transformation projects?

Track C - Blending Online and Offline with Mobile

11:15 AM - 12:45 PM Synergy Workshop: How to mobilise your store associates with digital devices to transform your in-store customer experience

Tom Rooney, Mobile Product Manger, John Lewis
  • How can you sell the benefits of implementing digital devices on the shop floor to your store associates and successfully gain the buy-in for digital from your wider workforce?
  • How will mobilising your staff with digital tools enhance customer service and overall brand experience in-store?
  • Facilitating customer engagement: How to implement colleague digital devices in-store to seamlessly connect consumer online shopping behaviour with their in-store experience
  • How can you determine which type of technology is the best fit for your business to empower your colleagues and boost the in-store customer experience?
  • How can you best facilitate colleague feedback to further refine and develop your digital services in-store?


Tom Rooney

Mobile Product Manger
John Lewis

Track D - Omnichannel boardroom

11:15 AM - 12:45 PM Creative Boardroom: data: How to leverage customer data to optimise your brand positioning on digital and provide the ultimate omnichannel customer experience

  • How can you gain actionable insights from consumer data to fully align your sales channels and provide a unified customer experience for shoppers at each stage of interaction with your brand?
  • Picking-up where you left off: How can you successfully track your customer’s data footprints along their shopping journey to provide consistent communication across all touch points?
  • Turning your customers into brand ambassadors: How can you utilise data from shopper’s browsing history and current channel interaction to create cohesion between your customer touch points and services?
  • Creating clearer customer profiles: How to best collect, process and analyse consumer data to gain deeper insights into your customer’s needs and provide a superior cross-channel experience
  • How can advanced analytics help you determine which of your customer channels is most profitable across your larger eco-system of digital and physical touch points?

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Lunch Break and Networking

Future-Proofing your Mobile Strategy

1:45 PM - 2:10 PM Case Study Interactive: Transforming online discovery: How to boost your global SEO ranking to ensure your brand is being found by online browsers

Nick Wilsdon, SEO Lead - Global Channel Optimisation, Vodafone Group
  • Achieving SEO optimisation: How can you adapt your mobile web presence to improve your search results on 3rd party platform rankings?
  • Removing silo’s in cross-channel campaigns: How can you implement a seamless connection between your mobile web and native app offering to provide a natural customer
  • journey between your digital touchpoints?
  • How can you develop a localised SEO experience for online shoppers to provide a relevant mobile web and native app experience for your cross-boarder customers?
  • How can you secure buy-in from company stakeholders to invest in new SEO initiatives to further optimise online discovery and increase returns from your digital channels?


Nick Wilsdon

SEO Lead - Global Channel Optimisation
Vodafone Group

2:10 PM - 2:55 PM Futuristic Case Study: Adopting a mobile-only attitude: How to better engage with your shopper’s on their personal devices to meet expectations of increasingly tech-savvy customers and drive conversions on big ticket items

2:55 PM - 3:20 PM Futuristic Presentation: How is artificial intelligence powering conversational mobile sites to boost customer engagement and loyalty?

  • How is artificial intelligence helping brands get closer to their shoppers by fuelling intelligent conversional commerce for customers?
  • Fuelling smarter product recommendations: How is artificial intelligence powered search showing more relevant information to online shoppers and refining retailer recommendations to improve sales for businesses?
  • How are artificial intelligence and advanced analytics scaling the speed to customer insight to enable retailers to react quicker to shopper needs?
  • How can you leverage artificial intelligence to lessen the manual workload and simplify the customer journey with automation whilst remaining genuine in your customer communication?
  • How can you determine which parts of the shopping journey will benefit from automation and where human interaction remains critical for a great customer experience?
  • How to implement artificial intelligence to enable greater self-service and efficiency across digital touch points to improve customer satisfaction?

3:20 PM - 4:00 PM Crystal Ball Panel Discussion: Exploring the future outlook for mobile: What key trends and opportunities are shaping the future mobile shopping experience of 2027 and how can you best prepare to stay ahead of the game?

  • What are the trends we should expect to see in the growing digital ecosystem that will further transform the role of mobile in retail?
  • How can you build and test innovative prototypes for mobile with your consumer base before launching on digital platforms to ensure market success?
  • How can you leverage augmented reality to completely transform your mobile shoppers experience and make it your unique selling point?
  • Which new technologies should you embrace to continue to meet growing consumer needs and compete with retailers born in the digital era?

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Close of Conference