Mobile Shopping Europe 2018

07 - 09 February, 2018

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  • Mobile First MentalityMobile First Mentality

    Mobile is very much front of mind for retailers today, as the percentage of eCommerce transactions happening on a mobile device is steadily increasing. But card abandonment on mobile continues to stay high, and retailers are looking for ways to turn browers into buyers.

    To find out how they’re doing that, we interviewed 100 top European retailers about:
    • Their top six M-Commerce challenges
    • Where they spend their budget and if they’re investing more the coming year
    • What mobile tactics they’re using
    • And much more!

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  • Mobile MantraMobile Mantra
    The digital landscape is an ever-changing one. 2015 was most certainly the year of the mobile and for the first time it overtook desktop as the primary device for internet browsing.

    However the question remains, how can retailers effectively turn browsing behaviour into buying behaviour?

    Download our whitepaper: Mobile Mantra | A Mobile Shopping Benchmarking Report, and discover how leading retailers across Europe are grappling with these challenges
  • Directors Report: The Rise of Mobile Directors Report: The Rise of Mobile
    WGB_58961 Offering a mobile shopping experience is critical. If the experience isn’t right for your customer, it can cost the business dearly. Bad M-commerce experience cost UK retailers £1.5 billion last December alone.

    This report will address common and key obstacles that you’re facing in defining your M-Commerce offering and how we can help you solve them.


  • An Interview On Mobile Challenges With SchuhAn Interview On Mobile Challenges With Schuh

    MOBILE FIRST: An Interview On Mobile Challenges With Schuh

    Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of eCommerce of Schuh is joining us this February for Mobile Shopping. Today, he's sharing his thoughts on how retailers can have a "mobile first" approach and what his focus will be for the coming year.

  • Three Biggest Mobile Challenges Three Biggest Mobile Challenges

    Three Biggest Mobile Challenges

    Almost half of UK eCommerce transactions now take place on mobile devices, and this number is constantly growing. For retailers, this means that getting the mobile experience right is critical.

    It’s not surprising that 80% of retailers report that they’re planning to increase their investment in mobile over the coming year. Retailers are still perfecting the technologies to turn browsers into buyers.

  • Why You Should Attend Mobile ShoppingWhy You Should Attend Mobile Shopping

    Why You Should Attend Mobile Shopping

    Mobile Shopping is the must-attend conference bringing together Europe's most innovative retailers. Over 200 M-Commerce leaders come together to discuss the busy Holiday season, the latest technologies and which investment they should make in 2017.